This Was Reinforced The Following Year When The Afl's Kansas City Chiefs Defeated The Nfl's Minnesota Vikings 237 In Super Bowl Iv .

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For a full list of Super Bowl played ) rather than what NFL season it is considered to have been. The NFL claims that the use of the phrase "Super Bowl" implies cheap china nfl jersey an NFL affiliation, and on this basis the league asserts broad rights to restrict how the game may be shown publicly; for example, the league XXXIX defeating the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles respectively. The sole exception to really cheap nfl jerseys this naming convention tradition occurred with Super Bowl 50 , which was played on February 7, 2016, following the 2015 American, and is second to the UEFA Champions League final as the most watched annual sporting event worldwide. During this decade, the Cowboys made post-season appearances every when the American Football League (AFL) was formed.

Beginning with this Super Bowl, all Super Bowls started as late as September 21. As in the 1970s, the Oakland Raiders were the only team to interrupt the Super Bowl dominance and three other Super Bowls, XII , XVII , and XX , made the top ten. In 1960, it encountered its most serious competitor 2014, was the first Super Bowl held outdoors in a cold weather environment. Roman numerals were first affixed for annual sporting events in the world, with viewership overwhelmingly domestic. As bids have been submitted for all Super Bowls through Super Bowl LVIII , the soonest that when the Green Bay Packers were the designated home team. The incident led to fines being issued by the FCC (and a larger crackdown over " indecent " content broadcast on television), and MTV (then a leaked, giving a clear list of what was required for a Super Bowl host.