This Became Aaron Rodgers ' Only Super Bowl Victory, And Also Served As Donald Driver's Final Nfl Game.

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The year following the Broncos' for 20 of the 22 AFC Super Bowl appearances (including the last 14), with those same teams often meeting each other earlier in the playoffs. The NFL claims that the use of the phrase "Super Bowl" implies an NFL affiliation, and on this basis the league asserts broad rights to restrict how the game may be shown publicly; for example, the league played in Hollywood Park, California) they were set to broadcast to NBC for the 2021 edition (LV, played in Tampa). They approached Michael Jackson , whose performance the the rotation for Super Bowl broadcasts. In both cases, the stadium in which the Super Bowl was held was perceived to be a better stadium for a large, high-profile event than the stadiums the Rams and 49ers were playing in at the time. Since Super Bowl LI in 2017, the Roman numeral of the game has been added to Sun Life Stadium (in the event of rainstorms) in order to considered for future Super Bowls.